Mario J. Doyle Tapped for MoXY Award

DSS President and Chief Operating Officer Mario J. Doyle will receive an award in recognition
of his efforts to promote women’s leadership in the workplace.

The 2024 MoXY award will be presented at a ceremony on June 5 at The Mansion at Oyster
Bay in Woodbury, Long Island.

Mario will join a small number of selected men honored with the annual award, presented by
the Moxxie Mentoring Foundation, a non-profit organization created in 2012 to accelerate the
career advancement and professional development of young women pursuing leadership roles
in the workplace.

The organization has mentored more than 650 women and organizes two events each year: the
MoXY Awards in June and the October Emerald Summit, which supports women's leadership
and professional mentoring.

Moxxie has dedicated to the ideal that “women are an integral and vital part of business” and
works for a world in which “women have attained equal pay and opportunities in top leadership
positions across the business and public sectors.” The foundation believes that achieving that
goal requires “men who actively participate in women's rise to leadership positions.”

Recipients of the MoXY Award were nominated by women in the business community and were
selected by the awards’ event committee. Mario was nominated and supported by several
women in DSS leadership.

DSS congratulates Mario on his 2024 MoXY Award!