New York City Supervisory Meeting

DSS Holds Supervisory Meetings

During the third quarter, DSS held a series of meetings designed to improve training for supervisors in the field and to listen to the concerns of frontline personnel.

The meetings were held on a regional basis. In early November, the New Jersey and Pennsylvania district team held its meeting. Among those attending the meeting were DSS President and COO Mario J. Doyle, Vice President Mark Riggio, and New Jersey District Manager Angel Cintron.

Topics of discussion at the event included recruiting, training, onboarding, operations, supervision at client sites, and career development options for DSS personnel in the region. Suggestions for improving the management of security personnel in the field, the deployment of corporate resources to frontline staff and clients, and the performance of supervisors were also considered.

Later that month, DSS New York City managers, supervisors, and corporate executives gathered for a Supervisory Meeting in Manhattan.

The meeting addressed a number of issues, including workers’ compensation, employee disciplinary procedures, and DSS’ online payment portal, the writing of incident reports, DSS’ guard tracking system, personnel inspections, and the importance of supervisor training.

Among those attending the meeting were DSS President and COO Mario J. Doyle, who delivered opening remarks, Vice President John Kalle, and Vice President Joe Martino. Mr. Kalle and Mr. Martino spoke on the role of supervisors at the end of the other presentations.

This was followed by an early December meeting for DSS Long Island District managers, supervisors, and corporate leadership to discuss similar topics. This meeting featured presentations by Long Island District Managers John Carney and Helena Montenegro, LI Human Resources Specialist Kathy Henderson, and LI Customer Service Managers Gerardo Molina and Safer Goljo.

Among those attending the Long Island meeting were DSS President and COO Mario J. Doyle and Vice President Emad Himaya. The presentations were followed by a question-and-answer period, so DSS managers and supervisors could discuss the issues they face at client locations on Long Island and how they might adapt the information provided during the meeting to improve daily operations.

These supervisory meetings are designed to enhance the performance of DSS supervisors in the field. The training provided during these meetings improves the management of frontline security personnel at client sites, resulting in superior service delivery to our clients.

The meetings are part of DSS’ ongoing commitment to building a better company through listening to our team members, providing the most effective training, and ensuring that our clients receive the highest levels of professionalism and service from our people.

Long Island Supervisory Meeting

Long Island Supervisory Meeting

Pennslvania and New Jersey Supervisory Meeting

Pennslvania and New Jersey Supervisory Meeting