Looking to host an event but concerned about security?
Leave the worries to the professionals.

By Efrain Santiago


At Doyle Security Services (DSS), we're more than a security company. With over 18 years in the special events and entertainment security industry, we have risen to the top by delivering stellar service at competitive rates. Because we know that your event is too valuable to entrust to anyone but the best.

Security for events is complex, requiring detailed planning and coordination of multiple teams. This is where our experience shines. We work closely with highly trained experts to ensure every angle is covered.

Our philosophy, "We are One Team Committed to Excellence" guarantees complete client satisfaction. We're not just here to deliver a service; we're here to build an ongoing relationship with you.

We offer a wide range of services, from crowd management for concerts and events to facility checks by uniformed security, parking and guest services security. Need extra security for VIPs and celebrities? We've got you covered.

What sets us apart? We're glad you asked:

  1. Fully Vetted & Extensively Trained: We provide thoroughly screened, highly trained security officers who create a safe and inviting atmosphere for everyone at your event.
  2. Special event security: This includes access control, screening, bag checks and traffic management.
  3. Customer service training: Our security professionals aren't just there to enforce; they're trained to interact courteously with the public while maintaining strict access control.
  4. Proven Experience: From major universities like LIU and Hofstra University to media companies like NBC, FOX, and News 12, we've secured a wide range of events, including the Belmont Stakes and Presidential Debates.
  5. Site-Specific Training: Our security professionals receive site-specific training to meet your facility's specific needs.

So whether it's a theatre, stadium or an arena with multiple access points across the New York – New Jersey region, DSS is here to secure your peace of mind.

Ready to secure your event with us? Get in touch today!