Open Posts in Security -
An Insider's Perspective

By Efrain Santiago


Hello, everyone! As we all come back from celebrating this Memorial Day weekend, taking a moment to honor those who served and protected us and made the ultimate sacrifice, it got me thinking about an issue within our own industry that deserves some attention. Just recently, I was in a discussion with a prospective client, and the issue of "open posts" was brought up in regard to their current provider's inability to adequately staff their needs with qualified security personnel. As an 18-year veteran in this field, currently serving at Doyle Security Services, I'm excited to share some insider insight. Today, let's delve into this less-discussed but significant problem - the issue of "open posts".

In our industry lingo, an "open post" is when a shift that should have been covered by a security guard isn't. It's a bit like going to a movie and finding out the main star is absent.

So, what's the big deal?

The real crux of the issue comes down to trust. Businesses hire a security guard company because they trust them to safeguard their interests. An open post situation feels like a breach of that trust.

The Sticky Subject of Liability and Financial Losses

Here's where things get dicey: let's say there's an open post, and a theft or damage incident occurs. Who takes the blame? The security company.

But there's another angle to consider here. If the client knowingly allows the security company to continue operating with unfilled posts, they're walking on thin ice. Should something untoward happen during one of these open posts, it could be a liability for the company as well.

And that's not the end of it. Open posts can lead to additional costs for the business - whether it's the need to hire temporary security or to deal with losses from theft or damage. The financial impact can be hefty.

The Reputation Factor

And then there's reputation. If a customer notices a missing security guard or if an incident happens due to an open post, it's a damaging blow to the company's reputation.

What's the Solution?

So, how can we effectively manage the open post issue? It starts with choosing a reputable security guard company with a solid track record and low staff turnover - like Doyle Security Services.

Communication is key too. Regular check-ins and updates with your security company help ensure everyone's on the same page.

Open posts are a significant issue with real-world implications. But with the right team and a strategic approach, this challenge can be effectively addressed.

If you'd like to delve deeper into how Doyle Security Services handles this issue and the innovative solutions we're using to tackle open posts, I'm more than happy to share more information. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or reach out to me at DSS. We're always open to engaging in valuable discussions about security and how we can cater to your unique security needs.

Until our next conversation, stay safe and keep your eyes open!